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Niddrie 2014 - records tumble (Melbourne / Victorian speedcubing Comp)

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It was a good day to visit Niddrie (Airport West).  It was a great venue and along with some stars made for a great day.



Feliks Zemdegs takes 1st prize at Niddrie 2014 with an average of 7.28 seconds. 

2nd place to Giovanni Contardi  (9.08) and third place went to Jayden McNeill (9.26).



World records:

Two new records to Feliks Zemdegs with 5x5 Cube 54.20 (average), & 3x3 one-handed 11.72 (average),

Jayden McNeill was good enough to get a record for the Skewb event with 3.10 (average).


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