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Aussie Speedcubing Champions representing Australia at Worlds 2015 - Brazil

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Feliks Zemdegs and Jayden is proud to sponsor our local Australian speedcubing champions - Feliks Zemdegs and Jayden McNeill - at Worlds in Brazil.  They are both excellent speedcubers and fair competitors and we are certain they will do all Australian speedcubers proud.    

 The 8th World Cubing Association (WCA) World Speedcubing Championships will take place on July 17-19, 2015 in São Paulo, Brazil. 'Worlds' as it is better known brings together the top speedcubers from around the world - all vying for the crown of Speedcubing World Champion. In order to be crowned as world champion you have to progress through each round, and then have the best average time in the final round.  In speedcubing, each round you are allocated five solves, and the judges eliminate your best and worst solve to determine your round average. ambassador - Feliks Zemdegs is participating in 15 individual events and ranked favourite for the Rubiks cube (3x3) and 5x5 events, and with his recent world record 6.88 second 3x3 one-handed solve and adopting his new MoYu Aoshi 6x6 you have to think he stands just as good a chance in clinching a win in those events. He probably has the best chance of becoming 2015 world champion in events where he holds either the world record single solve, or world record average, or is ranked in the top five. Thankfully he has a good chance to make the podium in at least seven separate events listed below, although we would love to see him successfully defend his titles and perhaps add a couple more.  

Feliks Zemdegs' top events - WCA rankings:


World Cubing Association Event World Ranking Single Best Single Time Best Average Time World Ranking Average
Rubik's Cube 3 5.61 6.54 1
4x4 Cube 2 23.72 26.22 2
5x5 Cube 1 48.42 54.20 1
3x3 one-handed 1 6.88 11.72 2
Megaminx 4 43.13 51.02 7
6x6 Cube 2 1:46.95 1:53.49 2
7x7 Cube 4 2:38.18 2:48.16 4


Jayden McNeill is likewise participating in 15 individual events and ranked favorite to win Skewb and he also has a really good chance in the 2x2 event where he has posted the fastest average solve in 2015 globally at the recent Cubing for Cambodia speeding event held in May in Melbourne.  He's average solves on the Pyraminx and 3x3 one-handed are world top 20 and he has every chance of putting in a great performance in those events.  Jayden's times have been rapidly improving and he has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with and that he can compete on any given Saturday or Sunday!

Jayden McNeill's top events - WCA rankings:

Event World Ranking Single Best Single Time Best Average Time World Ranking Average
2x2 Cube 22 0.97 1.71 3
3x3 one-handed 28 10.86 13.6 19
3x3 fewest moves 98 28 32.33 64
Pyraminx 69 2.68 3.62 19
Square-1 69 13.33 16.1 35
Skewb 31 2.52 3.1 1
6x6 Cube 64 02:21.2 02:28.7 56


We wish Feliks and Jayden success and lots of fun!


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