GAN 11 M DUO Magnetic Speed Cube

Difficulty Level: 3-Standard



The GAN 11 M Pro delivers a more affordable version of the flagship GAN 11 M Pro

This new speed cube introduces the concept of the new GAN Magnetic Core which holds a total of 8 magnets.   This version (DUO) comes with the standard magnet settings that are not adjustable.  It also only comes in one color namely the popular primary internal with frosted surface. 

The cube is 56m in size and weighs in at 63 grams

What comes in the package?

  1. GAN Bag
  2. GAN Box v7
  3. GAN Tuning Tutorial
  4. Tutorial Card for Smart Cube
  5. Elastic Rod & GAN GES NUT *7
  6. GAN 11M Pro ID Card
  7. CFOP Tutorial

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