GAN249 V2 M 2x2x2 Magnetic Speed Cube

Rated 4.7 out of 5
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Color: Black


The GAN 249M V2 is the magnetised [magnetized GAN249v2M] version of the GAN 249 V2.  The cube has 48 precisely-placed 3*1.5 magnets which improves the overall cube stability and control.

The 249 V2 cube sports changes to the tiles which is designed to reduce lockups and improve corner cutting.  The cube also comes with a brand new bright color scheme for the stickerless tough tiles. The puzzle also comes in a black version with full bright stickers.

This 2x2 speedcube features the innovative GAN Iron Plastic GAN Core (IPG - similar to GAN 3x3) and the patented GAN Elasticity System V2 (GES V2) that many cubers have come to trust in the GAN 3x3 series.  The IPG and GES technology combine brilliantly to provide a smooth and exceptionally stable cube, and we also now see the honeycomb surface which first featured on the GAN SM.

Released December 2017
Size 49mm
Weight 60grams
Factory GAN

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