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GAN356 AIR Ultimate


  • $AU 48.00

GAN 356 AIR ULTIMATE EDITION (GANS 356) has secured limited stock of the GAN356 Air Ultimate.  The GAN 356 Air Ultimate utilizes higher-grade ABS plastics and the molds have been redesigned to remove any unnecessary excess to deliver a lighter speed cube which weighs in at only 66g.  Finally the cube is smoothed by hand - delivering an exceptionally smooth and fast premium speedcube.
* note this cube is engineered and hand finished to best enable competitive speedcubing.  The cube has a light (almost flimsy) hand-feel by design.  Not recommended for beginners who many find our bestsellers better value.


The GAN356 Air Ultimate Edition includes:

  • GAN356 Air 56mm Ultimate with Green GES installed.
  • ORACAL Full-Bright Stickers.
  • S Series GES (Red, Yellow, Orange)
  • G Series GES (Clear, Blue, Purple)
  • GAN Box V2
  • Metal Tensioning Tool

Additionally includes an original GAN Blue Protective Bag.