GAN 11 M Pro Magnetic Speed Cube

Edition: Frosted Primary Internal
Color: Stickerless


The GAN 11 M Pro delivers a new flagship premium speed cube just in time for Christmas 2020

This new speed cube introduces the concept of the new GAN Magnetic Core which holds a total of 8 magnets.   You can adjust the magnet strength in the corner pieces to be either stronger or weaker by simply sliding them from one side to another. 

This cube is highly configurable and has the most advanced design innovations of any cube on the market and will no doubt be an absolute pleasure to cube and break records with. 

The cube is 56m in size and weighs in at 63 grams

We have been advised to expect the Frosted [Matte] GAN 11m Pro editions to be in stock and shipping to our customers end of October / November all going well, and the Soft and UV Coated Editions to be available later or in the New Year.

What comes in the package?

  1. GAN Bag
  2. GAN Box v7
  3. GAN Tuning Tutorial
  4. Tutorial Card for Smart Cube
  5. Elastic Rod & GAN GES NUT *7
  6. Hexagonal Magnet
  7. Screwdriver
  8. GAN 11M Pro ID Card
  9. CFOP Tutorial

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Pre-Ordered items are not yet in stock in our warehouse.  We restrict quantities for pre-order based on what stock we believe we can reasonably expect to source.

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