GAN Magnetic Skewb with Enhanced Core Positioning



The new GAN Magnetic Skewb with Enhanced Core Positioning is a a new magnetic skewb from the most innovative speed cubing designer - GAN Cube.  This is a beautiful product and comes with the quality you expect from a premium speed cuber manufacturer.

This Enhanced Core Positioning Version magnetic skewb comes in stickerless only with 32 factory installed magnets creating excellent stability and control which is further enhanced by the addition of the GES Pro system which allows you to set 6 different tuning tensions and four different spacer adjustments giving you a total of 24 different tuning settings.

Due to its excellent customisability, crazy corner cutting, frosted surface providing more grip and virtually no lock ups; initial feedback from the worlds best have been very positive on this product.  Give this a try and it will very likely become your new skewb main.

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