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GAN356i Play Bluetooth Smart Speed Cube


  • AU$98.50

The new GAN356 I "PLAY" brings smart technology to your speed cubing experience delivering a great balance between technology and premium performance at a more reasonable price.   The GAN356i Play replaces the Gyroscope of the original GAN 356i with a new dynamic intelligent motion capture system, which when combined with the Cubestation application instantly understands the solving state of the Rubik's cube.  Smart analytics provides personalised training and statistics on each solve giving you indicators for TPS (turns per second), number of cube rotations, and total move count, this puzzle.
Download the complementary App, 'Cube Station' where you can battle with friends and other cubers worldwide!
Pair with the GAN Robot [sold separately] and create a truly amazing smart experience
Importantly the cube performs like a premium speed cube and inherits features from the very popular 356X GTN, and includes the GAN Tensioning Nuts (GTN) but which can now be adjusted by hand , the GAN magnetic capsules housing factory fitted magnets and honeycomb contact service.
  • Our Warranty and return policy only extends to the actual speed cube and does not guarantee any performance or your satisfaction of using the 'Cubestation' application  Please ensure you do your research on this cube before purchase.
  • In order to charge the puzzle, you must place it in the charging port with the yellow side down. All other configurations will not work.
  • Returns will ONLY be accepted if product is unopened in its original packaging.