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MoYu WeiLong GTS2 M Magnetic Speed Cube (WCA Record Edition)


  • $AU 39.50

The new MoYu WeiLong GTS 2M WCA is a factory produced high-performance magnetic speed cube from MoYu Cube Company and is the puzzle that currently holds the world record 3x3 single of 3.47 seconds.  

  • New half-bright stickerless color scheme
  • Improved stability - precisely placed magnets with the 'right' magnetic force greatly improves the overall stability and firms the 'core' integrity of the cube, which allows you to operate the cube at much lower tensions than normal.
  • Accurate Turn Style - using both magnets and tighter tensions will force the solver to learn a more accurate turn style (due to improved stability)
  • Faster and Sharper Turns - magnets reduce possibly of competition DNF's as the magnets naturally assist the solver by forcing complete turn rotations (the turns naturally 'snap' into place aided by the magnets).

    Size:  55.5mmx55.5mmx55.5mm
    Weight: 86.2g