X-Man Design Tornado V2 3x3x3 Magnetic Speedcube

Difficulty Level: 3-Standard



Boom, boom boom - everybody say "Tornado"

The new QiYi X-Man Design Tornado V2 is an exciting new speedcube release in 2021 and for only AUD 32.95 you are getting a lot of premium speedcubing performance, premium features, expert design and quality manufacturing at an incredible price.

'Stickerless black internals' contrasts with red magnets and combine to create a striking look and a visually great looking speedcube.  The XMD Tornado V2 feels nice and light, weighing only 72 grams and comes beautifully packaged box and includes a heap of accessories: jewel storage box, leather protection bag and micro-fibre wipe down cloth, screwdriver, modification instructions and instructions on how to solve the Rubik's cube

Product is also known as:  Tornado V2, XMD Tornado V2, QiYi Tornado, xman Tornado, QiYi Tornado V2
Another quality speedcube. release brought to you by speedcube.com.au (aka Speedcube Australia, speedcubeshop Australia, Speedcube Shop Australia, Speed Cube Australia)

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