GAN 251 M Air 2x2x2 Magnetic Speed Cube



The GAN251 M Air is the new budget magnetic 2x2 from GANCube. This has the same, beautiful mechanism as the GAN251 M leap just without the customization and core magnets.

The GAN251 M Air is a light, fast and affordable GAN magnetic 2x2. It comes with Blue GES v3 installed (no additional GES included with this version). The GAN 251 M Air contains corner to internal edge magnets only (no core magnets included). Please note the magnets on this cube are not adjustable.

The GAN 251 M Air is the most affordable product in the 251 range, please see below for comparison to the other 251 choices:


  • Corner to Edge Magnets
  • Matte Frosted Plastic. (Stickerless) 
Size 51mm
Weight 50g
Factory GAN
Product is also known as:  GAN 251, GAN251 M Pro, GAN LEAP 2x2, GAN 2x2 Pro 
Another quality speedcube. release brought to you by (aka Speedcube Australia, speedcubeshop Australia, Speedcube Shop Australia, Speed Cube Australia)

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