GAN Robot

Color: BLACK


The new GAN Robot brings intelligent technology to your speed cubing experience.  The GAN Robot should ideally be paired with the GAN356i smart cube (sold separately!) and once paired the Robot and smart cube combined with the Cube Station smart application (for Android and iPhone) will deliver three key unique speedcubing experiences:
1. Trainer / Battle Assistant:  The Robot will provide both random and specific cube scrambles and will then either help you train your solve or battle you.
2.  Artificial Intelligence Teaching Future AI capabilities will guide and tutor you step by step to help you improve your speedcubing capabilities. (Not Yet Available - Coming Soon).  Robot
3.  Competition Assistant:  Robot can scramble all the cubes to the same state.
  • Our Warranty and return policy only extends to the actual ROBOT and Speedcube.com.au does not guarantee any performance or your satisfaction of using the Cube Station application and will not return the ROBOT based on dissatisfaction with application software issues.  Please ensure you do your research on this ROBOT reviewing feedback on Youtube and forum's before purchase.  The application is still in early development and is maintained exclusively by GAN company and is still undergoing extensive development and will improve in time.
  • Returns will ONLY be accepted if the GAN ROBOT is unopened in its original packaging.
  • Speedcube.com.au is a official reseller of GAN and is fully authorised to retail this cube.



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