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GAN356 AIR MASTER Edition 3x3x3 56mm SPEEDCUBE


  • $AU 38.00

The new 2016 GAN356 Air aims to build on that reputation and showcases some of the most advanced technology and considered industrial design we have yet seen in any speedcube and aims to improve and allow you to take full control over every aspect of your cubing experience.  At only 73gm the GAN356 Air is a lighter cube, but design and technology ensures the cube remains ultra-stable whilst delivering a feeling which is soft and comfortable.  The cube breaks ground with lots of newly patented technology and introduces a new performance concept for speedcubes - "deform-ability".  The GAN356 Air will deform by only 7% under force - ensuring it keeps its cubic shape and delivers optimum performance without 'popping'.  Upgraded feet designs deliver excellent corner cutting ability whilst virtually eliminating corner twists. 

Key Features:

  • New Patented GAN Elasticity System (GES) now you can choose different GES NUTS which are quick and easy to install - ensuring perfect even tension to match your preference.
  • New V3 GansCore - now 50% stronger - injection molded high-strength plastic and Wolfram steel combine to deliver a core which delivers unmatched strength, versatility and accuracy.
  • Improved Hidden Seams.  Seams are hidden and parting lines are on the inside - delivering a smooth and delicate hand feel which is a refined improvement over the V1 and V2 GAN356. 
  • High Strength Screw Joints.   Edge and corner pieces are all fixed by high strength screws to ensure a strong attachment which wont break apart.  In fact, you will need tools to disassemble these pieces.
  • Lubricating notch stores lubrication and delivers constant lubrication where and when it is needed most - without you needing to worry about that anymore.

Weight:  73g

Release Date: August 2016

 The GAN 356 Master Edition includes:

  • GAN356 Air 3x3x3 56mm speedcube
  • GAN Box
  • GAN CFOP tutorial
  • Metal Tensioning Tool
  • S Series GES  (8 x Red, 8 x Yellow, 8 x Orange)
  • Upgraded Blue GAN Core