Limited Edition YJ MGC Repulsion 3x3 Repelling Magnetic Speed Cube



The YJ MGC Repulsion is a limited edition magnetic repelling speed cube which had a single manufacturing run of only 200 speed cubes. Of these, we have secured 60 of these cubes which delivers a new design concept never seen before in cubing.

Up until the release of the MGC Repulsion, 100% of magnetic speed cubes worked on the same concept of magnets installed to attract pieces to each other - thus creating stability and control.  The MGC Repulsion though takes a totally different approach - and uses magnets to repel each other creating a really unique solving feel that you never before would have experienced.  The repelling sensation can be felt about halfway through the turn when the repelling motion starts; kicking away from you at a noticeable force completing the turning motion for you. 

 The cube comes very nicely packaged in a great looking box which includes:

  • Limited Edition MGC Repulsion 3x3 speed cube
  • YJ cube bag (really nice!)
  • YJ cube stand
  • extra magnets
  • two sets of extra springs
  • extra core and hardware 
  • screwdriver

Once sold out - you will never see this cube offered again.

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