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Maru Nano Cube 3x3x3 DIY SPEED CUBE KIT (Worlds smallest speed cube)


  • $AU 12.00

Maru Nano Cube is the smallest mass-produced 3x3 speedcube in the world - fully assembled the whole nano cube is 15mm in width, or slightly smaller than the size of a single cubie on a standard 57mm cube.  

The Maru nano comes in a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) kit which includes everything you need to assemble the cube.  The package includes:

  • set of tweezers
  • vial of Maru lube
  • nano cube pouch
  • set of standard shade stickers
  • cardboard cut-outs to make your own nano cube box and stand (tape and glue required)

Size:  15mm


    Self assembly is required for this cube and the cube includes all necessary parts to self-assemble.   As with any self assembly kit you need patience and a level of skill.  Consider that it would take at least 30mins of effort to self assemble the cube (results may vary based on your own ability).  The package comes sealed in plastic - so once you complete visual inspection and the seal is broken, we can not accept any returns.  The parts are very small - you need to plan your assembly and ensure you dont lose the parts.  The stickers are very small - it will be hard to align and stick them perfectly on the cube. 


    The Maru Nano cube is a  a fully functioning Rubik's cube which contains small parts which may present a choking hazard to young children.