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MoYu AoLong GT 3x3x3 57mm BLACK SPEED CUBE

MoYu AoLong GT 3x3x3 57mm BLACK SPEED CUBE


  • $AU 21.00

The 2015 MoYu AoLong GT is the third release in the best selling MoYu AoLong series. The evolved design and modifications deliver improved stability and significantly improves corner twist resistance.

The MoYu AoLong GT features a new sticker color scheme - a surprising change from the vibrant colors you may have become accustomed to usually being used on MoYu 3x3 speed cubes. The colors are duller -  similar to the stock sticker shades on the ShengShou brand. The change was made exclusively for the AoLong GT since the designers didn't like the feel of the thicker MoYu stickers on the AoLong GT.

Size:  57mm