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QiYi Thunderclap V2 3x3X3 57mm SPEED CUBE


  • $AU 12.50

The hotly anticipated Thunderclap V2 3x3 speedcube from QiYi is now available. The Thunderclap is known as a high performance speedcube at a more than reasonable price. 

Perhaps the biggest improvement over the V1 is on the corner pieces - which are now much sturdier and re-enforced as well as being squared off.  The enforcement should eliminate the problem some of our customers experienced with the V1 which was that the corner pieces could sometimes come apart.  The V2 still has the unique overlapping center cap design which ensures that chances of your cube popping is virtually eliminated, corner cutting over 45" and delivering reverse cutting at least line to line.

The V2 still shares the distinctive soft feel and crunchy sound of the V1, and now comes in a handy clear protective box instead of the cube bag of the V1.  The color shades of the stickerless cubes are much brighter and more 'solid' in appearance than the original V1, with both Blue and Red being darker and green is now a solid neon color and not the see-through shade of the V1. 

Size: 57mm

RELEASED: July 2016