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QiYi WuJi 7x7x7 SPEED CUBE


  • $AU 58.00

The New QiYi WuJi 7x7 is a lightweight new high-performance speedcube which has already become the new main of many 7x7 speedcubing specialists and was used by Feliks Zemdegs to break the WR.

Its main features is that it is lightweight (206 grams) and it shares enlarged outer pieces design with the QiYi WuHua 6x6 which improves stability and performance when you reach the 3x3 stage and the new multi-level lock system above the core ensures chances of popping is greatly minimized. Every cubie is crafted as a single mold, resulting in strikingly accurate and consistent construction.

The WuJi is equipped with 0.13mm thin CS stickers imported from Germany. 

Released January 2017
Size 69.5mm
Factory QiYi
Weight 206g


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