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X-Man Design Galaxy Megaminx Lux Set by QiYi (4 in 1 Stickerless Megaminx)


  • $AU 34.00

 The X-Man Galaxy Megaminx from QiYi is the latest and greatest megaminx to hit the market. It features a variety of design improvements over previous megaminx puzzles that are sure to make it one of the most sophisticated megaminxes on the market today - problem is that it comes in four designs - which one to choose?  Thankfully they have solved that problem for you - just have all four!

The X-Man Design Galaxy Megaminx Lux set contains the core X-Man Design Megaminx - however this beautiful package also includes four bags of tiles - allowing you to create all four released versions of the X-Man Design Megaminx (Flat, Concave, Convex and Sculpted).   Each bag includes all twelve sides of the Megaminx as well as Black as an additional colour choice.

RELEASED: August 2016