Rubik's Connected Smart Cube



Official partner for the RedBull Rubik’s Cube WORLD CUP 2020 is proud to be an authorised reseller of Rubik's Connected

Rubiks Connected

Rubiks Connected is the smartest and most innovative version of the Original Rubik's Cube.  This is a smart app-enabled cube equipped with sensors which connect via Bluetooth 5.0 to the companion Rubik's Connected App on your mobile device.  This is a perfect gift and delivers so much fun.

Learn to solve the cube in a fun and interactive way.
Play and improve your game thanks to the advanced statistics mode.
Battle with other players online and join a community of cubers from all over the world.

Rubik’s Connected comes with:
  • Rubik’s Connected
  • Customized USB charger

Rubik’s Connected App

Whether learning, improving, battling or playing, the Rubik’s Connected app takes your cubing to the next level.

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