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New 2016 Rubik's Spark - DIGITAL RUBIKS CUBE


  • $AU 45.00

The Rubik's Spark - the must have toy for Christmas 2016 - is all-new electronic / digital Rubik's Cube which introduces innovative new ways to physically control game play. The spark is a change from the routine as it comes with no buttons, not even a touch screen.  You control the Spark by tilting & turning the cube and it is suitable for Single & Multiplayer game play.

Includes 6 Games, each with 25 Levels, including

  • Light the Cube
  • Seek & Destroy
  • Snackin' Snake
  • Tilt 'n' Zap
  • Follow the Path
  • Rubik's DJ

  SPEEDCUBE.COM.AU GUARANTEE - 100% Authentic Rubik's Brand.