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Speedcube Customline QiYi WuQue M


  • $AU 65.00

Speedcube is pleased to introduce the first cube in our new Speedcube Customline series for competitive speedcubing.

The new Customline WuQue M by Speedcube is a professionally magnetised QiYi WuQue 4x4. [Magnetized QiYi WuQue]

Speedcube Customline Setup includes:

  • Advanced Magnetisation Service where magnets are perfectly positioned with correct alignment, strength and polarity and securely glued into place to provide a premium speedcubing experience.  This process takes approximately 2 hours for a 4x4.
  • Break In: The cube is "broken in" and the tension of the cube is adjusted to be perfectly even on each of the 6 sides.  Care is taken for the cube's tension to perfectly compliment the magnetisation strength.
  • Lubrication:  The cube is lubricated with premium lubricant to ensure a silky smooth feeling which also protects the cube.

This is a stable and high performance magnetised speedcube. Limited numbers of these will be available due to the extensive setup time.

Released October 2017
Size 62mm
Factory QiYi
Customised By Alan Ma