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Lubicle Standard 5cc SPEED CUBE LUBRICANT

Lubicle Standard 5cc SPEED CUBE LUBRICANT

The Cubicle

  • $AU 12.50

Lubicle (or Lubicle Standard) is a premium, multipurpose lube . It is designed to give your speedcube a powerful yet balanced boost in both mobility and control.  Lubicle is designed to achieve the desired effect in not only 3x3 cubes, but also in larger cubes.

    Lubicle Standard is 5cc in size and comes in the form of a syringe with a twist-off lock cap, as well as a green dispensing tip for lubing hard-to-reach places.

    Disclaimer: Although the lube is perfectly safe to touch, please do not ingest it, set it on fire, or expose it to extremely high temperatures. is exclusive resellers of premium products from within Australia and New Zealand.