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Yuxin STACKMAT TIMER (Speedsolving Timer)

Yuxin STACKMAT TIMER (Speedsolving Timer)


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Yuxin LED Display Stackmat Timer

The new 2015 Yuxin timer is an excellent value for money solution to track and save the times of your speedsolves.  The timer does a couple of unique things compared to others on the market.  Importantly the touch pads are sensitive and well tuned and will stop and start on time. 

The timer features a 2-decimal digital display. 

This timer can attach to a stack-mat and works with replaceable AAA batteries.

Note:  This is not an approved WCA timer.


Bar-shaped design with bright LED light indicator

Color: Black

Dimensions: 285*68*25mm
Weight: 160g

Package Contents:

1 x Yuxin Timer

Powered by 2x AAA batteries (Not included)