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February 2015 - Introduction

Posted by Feliks Zemdegs on

Hi everyone, Feliks here.

As of the Lifestyle Seasons 2015 competition, I am now officially a member of the team! I am very excited to begin working as both an ambassador and advisor, and am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

The decision to join was made easy by a number of things. Firstly, the professionalism of the business is excellent, and I was immediately impressed by both the website, and initial discussions. After starting the website in September, has provided Australians with a wide variety of cubes and puzzles, and has grown immensely in a short period of time. This is excellent news for speedcubing, as it continues to grow within Australia as an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby for many people. Finally, the opportunity to work with a business and become part of its process and operations was very exciting as well.

My role as both ambassador and advisor will be to promote, and ensure that speedcubers have the best possible experience with the company and its activities. Whether you’re ordering cubes, or going to competitions, I’ll be aiming to ensure that you guys have great experiences. I’m sure you will notice a couple of small changes to the website already, and I’m sure there will be plenty more improvements to come, as we aim to make as good as it can possibly be!

That being said, at any competition, feel free to ask me for a 5% discount card for any purchases, and I’ll be happy to provide it! In addition, feel free to email me at for any questions about the business. 

This is my first monthly blog for the website, just a small introduction. Each month I’ll be writing a cubing-related piece, so stay tuned for that and more!

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  • feliks collin burns made the new 3×3 world record!!! check the video’s on YouTube on dg cubes.

    maximillian on
  • Feliks I am your number one fan I am starting to collect rubik’s cubes and solving them one day I will be able to solve the 2×2 very fast and when I will see you at a compotuition I’m looking forward to seeing you

    Kaden Makkonen on
  • do you know what day you will be writing that cube related piece

    Sam on
  • :O

    Job Boudewijns on
  • i agree Feliks ur an amazing cuber and I can’t believe ur records! That being said, up this website is amazing, I order my speed cube here and tomorrow arvo its at my doorstep .

    Angus on

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