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QiYi Valk 3 Power


  • $AU 32.50

The Valk 3 Power 3x3 Speedcube is latest evolution of the extremely popular Valk 3.  The Valk 3 Power is very stable, easy to control and delivers solid performance across all aspects of the speedcubing experience.  Turning is crisp and smooth, and overall the cube has a softer feel over the orginal Valk 3.   The Valk Power definately has a unique feel which is not replicated in any other speed cube, and will be well accompanied by medium to light lubrication.


-1 QiYi Valk 3 Power 3x3 Speed Cube

    Released 26 November 2017
    Size 55.5mm
    Factory QiYi
    Weight 87g


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